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Are you exporting from Ireland or the UK into Germany or Austria? Have you got a native speaking German Technical Services Team?

The Dosapac Xpron Engineering Team provide a 24/7 bilingual German English Technical Service for companies operating in Germany and Austria. Why not demonstrate to your customers that you are dedicated to their market by offering this local service. Not only will it take the stress out of your technical support, it will also help you increase sales in the area by building confidence in your company.

Most importantly, we will fulfil your needs and requirements through our local offices in Dublin and London.

We will come and meet you and your team in your own offices to discuss your German and Austrian plans. And once the structure is in place we can then arrange for an on-site meeting in Düsseldorf so you can meet our team and view the facilities.

Our 24/7 Service Bureau will add numerous dimensions to your sales and product offering in Germany and Austria, including:

  • Technical Support
  • Warranty Services
  • Immediate Phone Response
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Performance Reports

Want to find out more about our German IT Support Services?

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Whether you operate a manufacturing business or service company, we offer a very flexible Three Tier service level to suit your needs.

Customer Service Plus

First Level hotline for answering calls

Recording notes

Replying to product and service related information

Forwarding of information

Escalated Second Level support to a dedicated engineer for more technical issues

All calls registered in our ticketing system

Email support and answering

24/7 Support Line

Emergency Plus

First Level hotline for answering calls and pre-classifying according to urgency

Replying to general and product related questions

Forwarding of information

Giving product and service related information

Escalated Second Level support to a dedicated engineer for more technical issues
All calls registered in our ticketing system

Email support and answering

24/7 Support Line

Help Desk Plus

First Level hotline for answering technical calls

Providing support for customer devices (OS, printer, network etc.)

Solving problems based on FAQs, tools and documentation

All calls registered in our ticketing system

Email support and answering

Dedicated Project Manager

24/7 Support Line

We can also provide:

German Address

Office Space

Hot Desk


Board Room

Meeting Room

Demonstration Area

Our Xpron Service

Dosapac Xpron employ over 80 people in Germany, assisting domestic and foreign based companies with all local product, customer and sales support. Our 24/7 dual German / English speaking support centre has been in operation for over 10 years, and currently supports brands such as Bombardier, Kawasaki, T-Mobile and The Cloud.

We have now opened our Irish office to help companies in Ireland and the United Kingdom to expand their business into Germany, the largest economy in Europe. This will help companies to navigate the potential negative effects of Brexit on their business after the UK leaves the EU.

Our German Support Staff

We continually invest in our staff to ensure they provide exceptional service. We seamlessly enhance the route to market in Germany by providing an immediate phone response service with native speaking German staff that can answer all customer queries. This can range from basic phone support to in-dept product analysis. Our fully computerised customer and enquiry tracking system can also integrate to internal CRM or technical diagnostic software to enable simple oversight for any sales or support staff, enabling them to always have full oversight of any customer issues or queries.

On-site support seminars are hosted for our customers in Dusseldorf and provide dedicated office space with a business when required.

Our extensive Knowledge Data

As part of our setup of each support service we spend time listening to our partners to understand the typical queries and issues that generally occur in the region. We then build a dedicated flowchart of each potential issue, and input this into our purpose-built database. This flow chart will include technical PDFs of each item, and a FAQ for faster and more detailed support response. We expand on this knowledge database monthly to continuously improve the support given to each of our customers.

We also advise companies who need to register their business in Germany by providing business and accountancy support services.

Our cost-effective service not only saves money on support issues, it also drives sales by providing assurance to German and Austrian customers that any potential technical issues will be dealt with at a local level, with German speaking staff on a 24/7 basis. This “Peace of Mind” benefit is a valuable sales tool for all local partners based in Germany.
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