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About the Dosapac Alliance Project

An umbrella group of local Building & Energy Management Companies

The Dosapac Alliance is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We partner with local BMS and IoT companies, working closely together with these companies to help them grow. The Dosapac Alliance engages in the distribution and installation of building automation solutions for multiple industries around the world. Creating a building which is not only time and energy efficient but intelligent too. These BMS and IoT companies are supported both technically and commercially by The Dosapac Alliance, which benefit’s the small energetic companies by allowing them to advance and grow quickly. Further allowing them to become strong competitors to other larger BMS and IoT corporations.
Every owner of real estate around the world endures a common problem, which is operating their buildings in a modern technological environment. This problem increases when the owner’s real estate begins to expand possibly across multiple geographies. The Dosapac Alliance is aware of these problems, providing real solutions to each and every building owner disregarding the geographical boundaries. The Dosapac Alliance, with over 25 years of experience within this area, recognises the on-going changes within our environment. Making it easier for the Building Owner and their real estate maintaining the building with updated technology whilst ensuring their complete building is time and energy efficient. Most importantly Government legislation and complaint.

Global Support:

The Dosapac Alliance currently operates in multiple continents, including: Portugal, Ireland, UK, Austria, Serbia, Angola, Morocco, Algeria, Oman, Kuwait, Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambique, Sao Tome & Principe. We are hoping to expand our list of countries extensively through 2017 & 2018,for further information about The Dosapac Alliance please fill out the form below and allow us to explain our plans for your region.
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The Dosapac-Alliance Team

Meet the management team behind Dosapac-Alliance

Jose Mota
Jose Mota Chairman
Alan Kearney
Alan Kearney CEO
Rui Vega
Rui Vega Chief Technical Officer
Paulo Gonçalves
Paulo Gonçalves Projects Manager

Ricardo Dias Business Development Manager
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