Case Study


The Fully Connected Hospital

Efficiency is a key factor in the design of any modern hospital, and being fully connected through a Dosapac BMS/IoT Solution enables this to happen.


The modernization project for the Hospital required engineers, architects and consultants, to work together to build a “future proof” hospital! A highly customizable and versatile system was needed to incorporate everything from HVAC and electrical systems to energy management and IoT maintenance programs. The Dosapac Alliance was central in delivering this solution.


Dosapac Alliance first approached the challenge by examining the current applications being used, and discovering their weaknesses and limitations.

The application would have to incorporate many different aspects of building management, and the true challenge was to incorporate everything that would be required and build into an easy to use and intuitive application that could be monitored by anyone. By examining each of the requirements and incorporating necessary supervisory functions into the application, Dosapac Alliance was able to develop a much more customized and flexible solution than their competition. Whilst the previous solutions offered only monitored
lighting and temperature control, The Dosapac Alliance solution includes all building automation components.

The final result was an InduSoft Web Studio backed application which exceeded all the expectations of the customers and more.

InduSoft Web Studio was selected by Dosapac Alliance because it contains the best capabilities for web access, and offers the safest tool for integration with third party systems like Mitsubishi VRV systems, Cylon Controls, MODBUS M-BUS energy meters, and BACnet and CANopen equipment.


A project of this type requires robust monitoring and control capabilities, which means the Maintenance Director needed to gain the most from his energy management system. Dosapac Alliance were able to quickly refine strategies to improve energy efficiency and ensure the maintenance strategies match the needs of the end user.


Using KNX/ EIB protocols allows the site to be easily expandable and future proof. A TCP/IP network was used in the hospital which means that new contollers can be added to any part of the site at any point in the future. The Dosapac Alliance system carried out a proof on this resulting in the conclusion that a new controller could be added anywhere in the site and would connect immediately to communicate with existing controllers.


Any technical and critical alarms are relayed to the maintenance and security manager workstation. The site is monitored 24 hours a day and in the event of plant failure a response engineer can be called out to the site immediately. The Hospital incorporates a realtime energy monitoring and building management system to ensure usage within the building is monitored and optimized.


  • Composed of 3 buildings all containing HVAC, Lighting & Security
  • 30,000 points of monitoring and control
  • Protocols used on project include Fieldbus, Modbus, Bacnet & SNMP


  • Monitoring of +/-100 Power Analyzers (Modbus)
  • Monitoring and Control of 90 Variable Speed Controllers (Modbus)
  • Monitoring and Control of equipment’s including: Chiller, PowerGenerators, Power batteries (Modbus)
  • Monitoring of +/- 70 UPS’s of Isolated Room’s (Modbus)
  • Monitoring and Control of 65 Air Handing Units
  • Monitoring and Control of 650 Lighting Circuits
  • Monitoring and Control of 750 Fire Cut Registers
  • Monitoring and Control of 250 Fan Coils
  • Communication between three buildings in Fibre optic


The Dosapac Alliance is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It partners with local BMS and IoT companies. Working closely with these companies to help them grow to their full potential allowing them to become strong competitors to other BMS and IoT companies. The Dosapac Alliance engages in the distribution and installation of building automation solutions for multiple industries around the world. Not only creating intelligent buildings but also delivering IoT projects.

With over 25 years of experience, The Dosapac Alliance recognizes the on-going changes in the environment making it much easier for the building owner and their real estate to maintain the building’s with up to date technology.

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