What is the Internet of Things and Why should you care?

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Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017

If you follow our social media websites, your timeline has most definitely been swamping
with the term IoT. Reason being, The Dosapac Alliance are currently maping out the future
of retail, which is IoT of-course. However, according to Accenture 87% of people are still
unfamiliar with what the IoT market means. So, if you are one of the 87%, head scratching
whilst coming across the term Internet of Things (Sun 2016). Don’t fret! we are here to explain.


So, what is IoT and why should you care? The Internet has been around for quite some time now, mostly being the product of connecting people to people. A huge network of videos, pictures, messages all data created and used by people, for people and fundamentally about people (forgetting the occasional cat meme). The Internet of Things or IoT however, is the term coined for the network of ‘Smart’ devices that can communicate seamlessly over the internet. Meaning this whole new ‘chapter’ of the internet will enable things to connect with other things. Stay with me. This is made possible by enabling thing’s in such a way that they too can sense and communicate, becoming interactive with other things all through the internet or cloud. For example, smartphones are an example of a thing that all people aware and unaware of IoT recognize as a wireless network communicator.


But are people aware of a connected thermostat? A connected thermostat can not only determine the temperature of a room but also determine whether a person is in the room or not, learning it’s ‘owners’ daily routines in order to greet them with a perfect room temperature every time.
Most importantly saving energy. Even if you do not have a daily routine you can control the temperature of the room through an app all connected via the internet. So yes, they are even connecting thermostats now and according to IHS the number of connected things will grow from 8.4 billion now in 2017 to 30.7 billion in 2020. If that has not blown your mind Intel’s predictions were slightly different claiming in 2020
there will be 200 billion CONNECTED DEVICES.



Oh and if your still wondering how this will effect you, just put this into context. The predicted population for our world in 2020 is just under 8billion, so times that by 20 and just picture the immense difference between connected things and people. Our world will evidently be connected, and every single person in it will be familiar with and using IoT in every day life including you. This year “60 percent of global manufacturers will use analytics data recorded from connected devices to analyze processes and identify optimization possibilities” (Claveria 2017).  So get ready everyone because IoT is here and its here to stay.


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